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Keep your heart with all diligent for out of it are the issues of life: We all have time and spaces for ourselves in other to make a licit personality, what we do with this time and spaces varies from time to time and the challenges, puzzles and achievement also varies as we grow. We are created to dominate but the question is are you dominating? Life can either be fair nor brutal it all depend on how you address it and the proximity between you and your heart.

Your heart; is the engine that drive you therefore it demand a proximate attention, the reason why you are stagnant is because you allowed your heart to be conditioned, restricted and bound in a fix. If you can see yourself as a hero there is absolutely no way you wouldn’t live a glorious life. The optimist believe that everything is beautiful they see reason to pull through there imbroglio, they see positivity even in the worst situation, this is because their heart have been groomed to an extremely ironish and effective goal generating foundation for success. You can be better than you are only when you let go of your fear, don’t allow your heart to be married by fear because it will only bring insanity to your mind, you are a star, you are a genius, have you forgetting your magnanimous enthusiastic and entice-able characteristics that enhance the goal you have achieved in the past? They are still effective anytime and anywhere is just that u have refuse to activate them.

You can’t achieve a glorious goal if you allow your heart to keep fainting over a minor challenge, allow your mind to relax, every problems have a better ending if you can pull through them without fear and distractions, put yourself together don’t allow your daily puzzles to overwhelm your attainments. Pick a pen and begin to list out the things you have achieved and the ones that are yet to be achieved as the day chameleon to night, if your attainments are children to your puzzles then you are yet to be optimistic about life and it countenance


Can your excreta be too strong to pull out of your anus?

Bowel movement are necessity of life; they allow you to empty waste from your diet via your intestines. Everyone make bowel movement but the frequency varies giantly – there is no general accepted  number of time a person should excrete as a wide ethics excreting is normal from three times a day to three times a week, these is done in other to ease the body. No matter how difficult your excreta may prove to be you can’t allow it to remain in your bowel because if you do your body will lose healthiness, instead you will generously look for means to pull it out.

You can apply this formula to life; eradicate all your problems from your heart three times a day and you will be better than ever, think more of your goal and pay less attention to your puzzles. Don’t allow your problems to break you instead let it be a means to develop your skills,


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